Asset Office Interiors - Why should you consider carpet tiles in your next office project?

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Why should you consider carpet tiles in your next office project?

Did you know choosing the right floor for an office space can have a major impact on productivity and even employee well-being? We believe carpet tiles are the way to go for any office project – including yours!
Carpet tiles: the ultimate combination of style and performance. Carpet tiles offer a plethora of patterns and textures to choose from. A classic grey print or a pop of colour: with the right carpet tile, anything is possible. Carpet tiles are perfect for creating an inspirational office environment, particularly because they are also quiet, comfortable and easy to maintain. What more could you want?

Asset Office Interiors - They contribute to a comfortable working space
They contribute to a comfortable working space

Because they reduce both transmission sound and reverberating sound, such as footsteps, carpet tiles are excellent acoustic insulators. They’re even better for people’s posture, as their cushioning can lessen muscle fatigue compared to harder flooring types when stood on for longer periods of time.

Asset Office Interiors - They can take a beating
They can take a beating

Good-looking and durable, carpet tiles truly have it all. From rolling desk chairs to heavy traffic from office workers and visitors all day long, carpet tiles were designed to weather the storm.

Asset Office Interiors - They’re easy to install
They’re easy to install

Since carpet tiles are modular, they can easily and quickly be installed anywhere in the office. Since they come in a tile format rather than rolls, they can easily be placed and removed by a single person and even stored neatly for future use.

Asset Office Interiors - They’re beautifully designed
They’re beautifully designed

Carpet tiles stimulate creativity, allowing you to play around and create new designs or surprising colour combinations. Customising an office space and improving office aesthetics has never been easier. And since IVC is yarn-independent, you can mix and match all our products to your heart’s content!

Asset Office Interiors - They’re easy to maintain
They’re easy to maintain

Maintaining and cleaning carpet tiles takes very little effort. And if one of the tiles does get irreversibly damaged, you can simply replace that single tile without having to remove the entire floor. An unbeatable convenience!

Source: IVC Commercial