Color Revelations

Choosing the right colors in a workspace improves productivity, creativity, and the well-being of employees. Let’s learn more!

Color plays an integral role in forming a working environment as it has an impact on human’s psychology and behavior.

Choosing the right color for your workspace can greatly improve productivity, creativity, wellness, and much more in your employees. Therefore, when considering what colors to use in your workplace, it should never be an afterthought.

According to studies, working in offices with neutral chromatic atmospheres, like grey, will increase the risk of burnout by 15% and decrease productivity by 12%. But there are other options if you’re not ready to make a leap towards bold and vibrant hues. Instead, opt for earthy tones to inspire feelings of tranquility and serenity. Don’t forget to add biophilic items such as lush green plants, resembling the warmth and freshness of nature, and dare to add small pops of red, blue, and pastel yellows for a bit of fun. This will only further enhance and elevate your workspace!

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