corporate policy

Administrator of this webpage is Asset Interiors (ASSET INTERIORS S.A.), 294 Kifissias Av. 152 32, Chalandri, Greece (hereinafter the “Company”), a company legally established according to the applicable laws in Greece.

Content – Reproduction:
All the content, information and services provided by the webpage are protected by copyright and are property of the Company. You can receive or copy the content and the images that appear in the webpage only for personal use, under the condition that you comply with all the terms and the copyrights included in the present document. Copying or storing of any kind of content for any but personal use is explicitly prohibited without prior written permission from the Company.

  • e-mail to the following address:
  • Letter to 294 Kifissias Street, P.O. Box 15232 Halandri, Attica, Greece

Limitation of liability:
All the elements appearing in the webpage are added bone fide and only for information and advertising purposes. The webpage contains information, links to other webpages and texts submitted and approved by the Company. The Company assumes no guarantee or commitment of any kind for their accuracy, reliability or comprehensiveness of the content of these websites.
The reference to products or services of third parties does not consist of a way of selling or/and buying/providing products or services.
It is left to the discretion and choice of the visitor to believe, adopt or rely on any information contained in the present website, or to negotiate or begin a business relation with any company referred to or displayed in the present website, or to buy goods or services described in the present website.

Connection-Networking with other webpages:
In various parts of the webpage there may be automatic links with other internet webpages that may be related with a particular subject of the present webpage. This does not imply that Asset Interiors is necessarily connected with any of these webpages or their owners.

Confidentiality – Data processing:
The Company does not collect personal identifiable information from the webpage. The user’s browser provides information to our web server, such as the web site from which the user has been connected, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) identity, or the type of browser used, as well as information the user provides to us, whether provided through an e-mail, through a subscription to a newsletter, etc. Furthermore, we reserve the right to use certain information we receive from this Web Site in aggregated form only for statistic reasons (without personal recognition), for example, for the measurement of the usability and popularity of this Web Site. The data will not be transferred to third parties and are used only for internal use of the Company.

Web Site Security:
The Company has taken all the necessary measures to secure the operation of this webpage. However, given that the technological updates may surpass the potential technical control of the Company, the Company bears no responsibility or guarantee for difficulties appearing by reason of temporary or permanent malfunction of this webpage. The Company will not bear responsibility for any kind of loss that may be caused to the visitors of the present site because of difficulties in accessing this Site.

Cookies Policy:
The http, web or browser Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information received by the user’s device when he is visiting a webpage. Each time the user loads the webpage, the browser sends the cookie to the server to update the website about the former user activity. The cookies may be useful because they allow a web site to recognize a user’s device.
The Company uses “cookies” for several reasons and in particular for: 
(a) Marketing: to measure the efficiency of the webpage promotion, the way in which the visitors use this site, depending on the previous visits of the user in this Web Site.
(b) For statistic survey or/and for improving the content and the services of the webpage or/and for the evaluation of its efficiency.
 (c) Social networking through Cookies: In order to publicize the content to the users easily and without problems. If the user does not agree with the use of these cookies, he may deactivate them from the Options menu of his browser. However, some of its services will not operate that well if cookies are deactivated.
The users may learn more in the link concerning the behavior analysis and advertising, and how one can choose not to use such advertisements.

We may present or promote your company or the name, logo, images or other media of your enterprise, and to present public works that regard you and your profile as part of the promotion of material concerning the webpage and activities of Asset Interiors, unless you have explicitly requested us not to proceed to such action and we have agreed to that request.

Amendment of the terms:
The Company reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without special prior notice to its visitors. However, once such an amendment is posted on the webpage, it commits all visitors and members of this webpage to its Terms and Conditions.