Modern working environment enhances prosperity and productivity

A work environment that offers spaces promoting physical health and teamwork, acoustic comfort and well-being, enhances the welfare and happiness of the employees.

Employees need to feel comfortable in order to work effectively. Businesses can benefit from the power of workplace in order to improve the quality of working life. Workplaces designed with a humancentric approach, enhance employee well-being and help businesses to:

  • Attract and retain talented executives
  • Reduce the cost of absenteeism
  • Reduce work stress and its negative consequences
  • Enjoy higher employee efficiency
  • Experience greater employee engagement
  • Maintain a high level of employee morale through evolving social and corporate bonds

Workplaces that provides areas suitable for individual or group work, spaces for social interaction where employees can freely choose the size, type, furniture and technology of the space according to their needs, have a positive effect on employee engagement and group cohesion.

Promoting physical health and teamwork

Ergonomic chairs ensure proper posture and body support. Height adjustable desks allow and encourage regular shift from sitting to standing position. This regular interchange as well as movement within the workplace during the day, have proved to be more beneficial to human health than short workouts at the beginning or at the end of the day.

The creation of informal meeting areas and co-working spaces, equipped with ergonomic furniture and modern technological applications, give the opportunity for frequent movement of employees within the workplace. At the same time, it encourages teamwork and promotes the necessary social bonds between employees, with a positive impact on their innovation, creativity and efficiency.

Acoustic comfort and well-being

Noise in the workplace often causes distraction and irritation. The acoustic comfort achieved by using the suitable sound absorbing products, helps concentration and educes employees’ stress.

Biophilic design and use natural materials in the workplace make people feel more comfortable, calm and less irritable. Workplaces with a clean atmosphere, proper air conditioning and lighting conditions have a positive impact on employee mood, energy and productivity, as they allow them work safely and comfortably.

The power of prosperity

Businesses investing in a work environment that supports and maintains employee well-being and happiness, enjoy the benefits of a dedicated, motivated, highly productive workforce.

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