Multifunctional spaces. For working, greeting, and meeting. But above all for feeling good.

A modern work environment can be flexible and welcoming, promoting a positive impact for your employees.

Spending time together in the workplace has never been so organised, qualitative, and real sharing. Offices have shed their grey patina of being a place dedicated only to the most stressful 8 hours of the day and are becoming a place to spend time for pleasure and discussion with colleagues. The boundaries between “having to do” and “wanting to stay” are increasingly blurred, and workspaces are now home to gourmet kitchens, large cinema screens, ping-pong tables, fridges full of delicacies from which to draw at all hours, gym rooms and much more.

The values that generate a positive impact on the working environment.

The offices where our furniture is chosen are often designed to encourage the new hybrid working methods and therefore inspired by 4 principles in line with the company’s values: generating positive impact (on people, on the city), rediscovering conviviality, enhancing collaboration, letting creativity flow.

How to organise a contemporary workspace

  1. Dedicate less than a third of the total surface area to desks and workstations and manage the remaining areas to stimulate creativity, collaboration, play and relaxation; among the most effective are: playrooms with table tennis tables, play station, hammocks and large kitchens.
  2. Use desks that can be adjusted in height and equipped with wheels, so that the rooms can be set up in different displays quicky and with very few gestures.
  3. In order to facilitate the configuration of teams according to the project assigned, ensure that workstations can be moved and exchanged according to real needs and are not just permanent workstations.
  4. Use lots of greenery: immerse spaces in plants and views full of greenery to recreate a feeling of greater well-being and contact with nature.
  5. Use selected materials, possibly among those with less environmental impact.

Furniture with a domestic flavour

In order to feel more and more comfortable at work. It’s not only about technology and versatility, what counts is also knowing how to give a soul and a recognisable character to spaces, in order to make users feel like at home and masters of the space they live in. The aim is to get them to take care of this space and to love it as their own.

Source: True Design