Orgatec 2012

Our team was attended Orgatec fair, the most important exhibition of office furniture and partitions, where the most important suppliers of the international market present their novelties. Asset team had the chance to be introduced to new products and concepts and be informed on the new trends. The modern working environment is developed in open plan layout.

The areas created for working, meeting, cooperating but also for resting, coexist harmoniously. They alternate in the same unified space, which is utilized optimally in order to offer additional zones for personal or team work, meetings, online communication, creativity and rest. The new layout of workspaces supports the operation of companies, increases the employees’ efficiency and productivity, optimizes the corporate image, but also creates the need for better acoustics. The solutions are plenty: acoustic wall coverings, sound-absorbent divider office panels or panels that apply to the partitioning systems. The acoustic coverings, apart from their operational value, promote the workspace aesthetics.