Νo limit to style and quality.

Fender is a family of sofas and armchairs distinguished by its iconic and recognizable armrest. In addition to the seat, the ergonomics, the comfort, the highly distinctive element of this collection lies in a detail that becomes an object, an accessory that turns into an integral part of the whole: the place where the arm usually rests becomes an additional seat and support, a comfortable support to use the armchair in a more dynamic and informal way. The connection between the vertical frame and the armrest is a distinctive sign of the product itself, making it recognizable and providing it with a strong personality thanks to the will of the designer, Francesco Favaretto, to emphasize this detail to almost exasperating and making it become an object itself. Sitting on the armrest is no longer a childish or impertinent gesture, since it is made specifically to accommodate and sustain. This is the ideal solution both in the office (informal meetings and quick get-togethers) and at home (convivial moments with people than expected), because the way to achieve sustainable design is to make it easily contextualized and adaptable.


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