Natural materials. Outstanding decorations.

Polarmoss is a handmade natural material that is used in multiple ways in indoor decoration. From colored and preserved reindeer moss, Polarmoss products are available in three different types and 16 colours. They are also offered for further processing. With an easy installation, maintenance-free, flame-retarding and sound-absorbing properties are ideal for interior spaces.
Polarmoss Flex Element wall coverings are lightweight and extremely easy to install seamlessly even on large surfaces. Flex element can be cut in different patterns and shapes and enhances the unique application possibilities of the design.
Polarmoss Island are available in three sizes and can be attached in the wall with an innovative installation plate or can be placed on any type of surface.
Polarmoss Spheres are available in four sizes and can be hung above one another or can be placed on a table or in a bowl offering more imaginative ways to use them.

Moss 1
Moss 2
Moss 3

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