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Soundabsorbing Products

“Acoustic comfort” in the workspace contributes to the wellbeing and the increased efficiency of the employees. It is achieved when the workspace provides the appropriate acoustic support for individual or team work, cooperation, privacy and confidentiality. In the modern working environment we often come across large, unified spaces – open plan layout – with extended wall or glass panels that amplify the reflection of the sound in the area. The use of appropriate sound absorbing material offers the necessary “acoustic comfort” and contributes to the creation of the ideal working environment.

Asset Office Interiors-Soundabsorbing Wall Panels 1
Soundabsorbing Wall Panels

Sound absorbing panels that are placed on the wall and offer “acoustic comfort to the space, thanks to the high levels of sound-absorption they provide . Versatile products in a large variety of shapes, dimensions and color shades, that decorate...

Asset Office Interiors-Soundabsorbing Ceiling Panels 2
Soundabsorbing Ceiling Panels

Sound absorbing panels, in different sizes, shapes and color shades, attached to or hanging from the ceiling improve the acoustics of the space while offering high levels of sound absorption.

Asset Office Interiors-Soundabsorbing Desk Panels 3
Soundabsorbing Desk Panels

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Asset Office Interiors-Freestanding Soundabsorbing Panels 4
Freestanding Soundabsorbing Panels

Sound absorbing panels, placed in existing offices in order to absorb the sound and to improve the acoustics in the workspace. In individual offices or working stations, they are adjusted to the desktop, offering acoustic and visual protect...