Soundabsorbing Products

“Acoustic comfort” in the workplace contributes to the wellbeing and the increased efficiency of the employees. It is achieved when the workplace provides the appropriate acoustic support for individual or teamwork, cooperation, privacy and confidentiality. In the modern working environment, we often come across large, unified spaces – open plan layout – with extended wall or glass panels that amplify the reflection of the sound in the area. Acoustic comfort is achieved through the acoustic performance of the products which are capable to absorb different sound frequencies such us low tones: sounds from ventilation system, heating, med tones: sounds such us human speech and high tones: sounds such us ringtones. The use of appropriate sound absorbing materials and products offers the desired “acoustic comfort” and contributes to the creation of an ideal working environment.

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Soundabsorbing Ceiling Products

Soundabsorbing products attached to or hanging from the ceiling in order to improve the acoustics of the space and create private zones by cutting off sound and vision privacy.

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Soundabsorbing Wall Products

Soundabsorbing panels are placed on the wall or vertical surfaces and thanks to the high-level of sound-absorption properties offering acoustic comfort to the space. Versatile products in a large variety of shapes, dimensions and colour shades...

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Soundabsorbing Dividers

The contemporary working environment is mainly formed by open plan areas (work zones, lounge, collaboration and breakout areas) and consists of multipurpose furniture and equipment, contributing to an efficient completion of daily tasks. Freestanding...

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Soundabsorbing Desk Panels

Soundabsorbing panels are placed on individual desks or benches offering acoustic and visual privacy. Fixed or moveable, they are suitable to any desk typology and enhance the acoustic comfort.  

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Soundabsorbing Furniture

Furnitures, upholstered with soundabsorbing fabrics, offer dual functionality: seating and acoustic comfort. The soundabsorbing properties of the upholstery make them capable of absorbing and attenuating sound waves in the workspace converting...

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Soundabsorbing Lighting

The acoustic control and the proper lighting in the work environment directly affect the employee’s productivity. Functional products that combine acoustic properties with lighting offer a human-friendly workplace. Freestanding, suspended from...

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Custom Products

Each space is unique. Customized solutions that will meet the specific functional and aesthetic needs of your space are possible. Feel free to contact us to learn more!