Asset Office Interiors - Plants in the workplace enhance people’s well-being!

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Plants in the workplace enhance people’s well-being!

Creating a workplace that will ensure the well-being of employees and will be a source of inspiration and productivity is the goal of every modern organization. Nature is an ally in this effort! Our connection with nature has beneficial effect and a positive impact on our health, mood, creativity and efficiency.

Asset Office Interiors - The benefits of Plants
The benefits of Plants

Indoor plants transmit calmness, reduce negative emotions and at the same time contribute to a healthier atmosphere. Even a few plants are capable of improving the air quality and humidity levels in the space, reducing the feeling of fatigue and thus enhancing our well-being, efficiency and creativity. The presence of plants can even significantly reduce the noise levels prevailing in the working environment, improving acoustic comfort.

Asset Office Interiors - Incorporating plants into indoor workspaces
Incorporating plants into indoor workspaces

Natural materials, organic furniture shapes and real elements of greenery connect people with the natural environment and make the workplace more attracting. Placing them in the space can be a challenge! More and more often we find them in libraries, furniture that functions as planters and plant compositions that function as dividing systems in the space. Green walls with plants or moss in workplaces have been particularly popular in recent years as they offer multiple benefits to employees. They maintain healthy humidity levels, improve air quality and, with their sound-absorbing properties, contribute to the acoustic comfort of the space.

Asset Office Interiors - Patios, terraces and gardens
Patios, terraces and gardens

A working environment that offers employees direct access to a welcoming and functional outdoor space utilizes the benefits of contact with nature to the maximum extent. Patios, terraces and gardens with the appropriate equipment are a pole of attraction for employees, not only for resting but also for carrying out individual work, collaboration meetings or even small social gatherings between employees with multiple benefits concerning the teamwork, cultivating corporate culture and strengthening the connection with the organization.