Functional and flexible solution to distractions: ensure privacy in the open plan office!

Phone booths and meeting pods offer high levels of sound insulation and absorption in a workspace, making them the most modern, reliable, and flexible solution.

In today’s world where open office environments are becoming more open-plan, the need for privacy and focus work have become greater.
Apart from sound – absorbing products that reduce reverberation and provide sound -absorption there is a need for privacy, were every employee can conduct phone calls or informal meetings without distracting other employees.

Phone booths and meetings pods provide high levels of sound insulation and acoustic comfort, being the most credible, functional and versatile solution for open plan work spaces.
Fully equipped with a work top, air ventilation system, electric socket and lighting, they are easily installed and can be placed in new or already existing office spaces without any construction alterations. Relocation to a new office is always feasible.

Office phone booths and meeting pods are mobile silent rooms adequate for open-plan offices and public environments that encourage users to make phone calls or hold smaller video conferences and meetings. This concept reduces the need for employees to make calls outside of the building or in corridors disturbing other employees. Fostering these break outs, stimulates discussion and creative thinking.

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