An Office or a Working Environment?

A functional, ergonomic, and pleasant work environment is a key factor in a healthy and productive life overall.

According to latest studies, employees spend more than 50% of their time at work, a fact that highlights the importance of an engaging and functional environment that adapts to employees diverse needs. The working environment, has an important role in everyday life. It’s not just a place where employees spend part of their day-life. It is more substantial! It is a key factor for a healthy and productive life.

A functional, ergonomic and pleasant work environment:

  • Contributes to physical and mental health of employees.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity.
How can this be achieved?

Workplaces are living spaces. Nowadays employees, no longer reproduce a daily routine in an indifferent environment. The workplace has to be adapted to the specific needs of employees and at the same time to change whenever circumstances require it.

The answer therefore, lies in designing workspaces that fulfill the functional, physical and mental needs of employees. Modern and functional workplaces can improve employees well-being and lead to healthier and high-performing employees.

While the traditional space-centric design approach focuses on the processes, in the workplace, the modern people-centric approach, focuses on people aiming to improve the quality of work life with multiple benefits for both the employees and the organizations.

Modern workspaces are designed to support both individual and team work, with functional and ergonomic furniture that provide the necessary support for every task or movement of the employee. Spaces that promote collaboration and communication between people, designed beyond the typical standards of meeting rooms, are becoming more and more important as they enhance the exchange of ideas among employees and contribute to team bonding and social interaction.

Technological innovations are an integral part of working life and as such an important parameter in designing effective workspaces. Acoustic comfort achieved by the use of sound absorbing products in the workplace, is another key point. Along with the proper lighting and quality of air in the space, contribute to the quality of everyday life at the workplace. Last but not least, including green and nature in the office environment, affects employees mood and psychology in a positive way.

Photographic material: Haworth